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What is the Future of Yes Bank Employees after Moratorium News?

On March 5, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have finally taken a decision on the future of private sector lender Yes Bank.  RBI have imposed a one month long moratorium and restricting certain business transactions. The question is now that how will the crisis at Yes Bank and RBI action impact its employees and […]

What happens to the PDC issued thru Yes Bank against bills after moratorium?

The Reserve Bank of India on Thursday placed a moratorium on withdrawal by Yes Bank deposit holders. Yes Bank – PDC Cheque Issued before 6th March, 2020. What will happen to them? Will Yes Bank Honour Cheques That Were Already Issued? If you have issued a cheque that is in excess of Rs 50,000 and […]

Is Money Safe in Yes Bank?

Reserve Bank of India on Thursday evening superseded the board of directors of Rana Kapoor-promoted Yes Bank and limited cash withdrawal to Rs 50,000. However, depositors can withdraw up to Rs 5 lakh for medical treatment, higher education fees, expenses on marriage and other ceremonies, and “unavoidable emergencies”. The cap applies across even multiple accounts […]

Yes Bank Withdraw Limit 50,000 Kab Tak Rahegi?

The Central Government has imposed a moratorium on Yes Bank effective today, restricting the withdrawal of deposits to Rs 50,000. Any withdrawal over the amount will require the permission of the Reserve Bank of India. See Also : How much money can be withdraw from Yes Bank The moratorium will be applicable from 6:00 pm […]

How to Withdraw Money from Yes Bank?

Yes Bank has gone the PMC way, with the Reserve Bank of India on Thursday evening superseding the Board of Directors and imposing a moratorium on withdrawals and advances for a month as the bank’s financials deteriorated. How much money can be withdraw from Yes Bank? You can withdraw more than Rs. 50,000 only in following […]

US-China Trade Tensions Effects | Simcod.com

Risks to the global economy and markets have increased, following a renewed escalation in US-China trade tensions. UBS Global Wealth Management, which oversees more than $2.48 trillion in invested assets, has gone underweight on equities for the first time since the Eurozone crisis. The Swiss asset manager cut its stock positioning relative to high-grade bonds […]

Why Gold Prices are rising day by day?

Why have the prices risen though dollar rate is less than its all-time high of $1918 an ounce of August 2011? The rupee depreciated from 45 levels to the USD in 2011 to around 70.85 currently even as gold in dollars jumped by $100 an ounce in the past month to close to $1,500. This […]

Which are the best companies to invest when the Share Market is down?

The most valued domestic companies cumulatively lost Rs 86,879.7 crore in market valuation last week, with FMCG major ITC taking the biggest hit. Still these companies are best to invest your hard earned money. In a weak broader market, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), HDFC Bank, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank and State Bank of […]

Will Nestle enter to Nifty indices or not

The NSE last week made a significant shift in the process of selecting stocks to be part of Nifty indices. Under the new proposal, the NSE will also include stocks that are not listed on its platform but are trading under the permitted category. According to the NSE, however, convertible stocks, bonds, warrants, rights, preferred […]

How to maximise your income tax refund| Simcod.com

The deadline for filing income tax returns is August 31, and procrastinators are advised to hurry to do the needful to beat possible glitches thrown up in the last minute rush. Moreover, missing the deadline would mean a penalty of up to Rs 10,000. If you are looking to minimise your tax outgo for the […]